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Project Overview

Funded by NASA for the past five years, the Brown site of the NSF Graphics and Visualization Center has developed 3D user interfaces for desktop and immersive scientific visualization applications. Our most recent user-interface project with NASA is the development of a stand-alone library for creating and interacting with 3D widgets. The core of the library is a set of building blocks for constructing custom 3D widgets and functions that handle direct manipulation of the widgets. The library will be integrated with NASA's Virtual Windtunnel Virtual Windtunnel system, but is also available for public use.

In addition to the basic widget building blocks, the library supports interactive shadows and gestural navigation controls (i.e. translation forward and backward, virtual trackball rotation, and filmplane translation) using a single mouse button. These camera controls are derived from the camera controls used in the Sketch system.

In particular, we have developed interaction techniques for positioning probes in three-dimensions, controlling both spatial and non-spatial parameters of several visualization techniques, utilizing six-degrees-of-freedom input devices, navigating a 3D virtual world, managing voice annotations, in addition to developing an approach for rapid-prototyping custom input devices.

Library Download

Download the 3D widget library from: widgetlib

Lead Researcher

Andy Forsberg

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