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Space Shuttle Flow Model
Using new forms of interfaces, scientific
visualization is more intuitive and interactive.
VRML and VRML '97 The Graphics Group and VRML User Interfaces for Virtual Reality Publications

VRML and VRML '97

VRML is an ISO-endorsed World Wide Web standard for interactive 3D graphics; the standard supports 3D graphics, interaction, behaviors, hyperlinks, and extension with Java or JavaScript. Currently, there are at least three VRML 2.0 browsers spanning Windows, SGI IRIX, and Sun Solaris, with more browsers on the way. The VRML 97 Symposium held in Monterey, California from February 22-24, was an academic conference and tradeshow on VRML, the Virtual Reality Modeling Language. During the panel titled "User Interface and Navigation," Mark Pesce, one of VRML's co-creators, called for a library of standard 3D widgets for use in VRML worlds. During the question-and-answer session that followed, an audience member suggested interested developers should look at the Graphics Group's research on 3D interaction. To facilitate this, we have prepared a list of our relevant research and publications.

The Graphics Group and VRML

Brown students and faculty have been involved in the VRML community since the very early days: Tom Meyer was an original member of the VRML Architecture Group while a Master's student at Brown; he now holds a seat on the VRML Review Board, the technical arm of the VRML Consortium. Andy van Dam supported VRML by underwriting Tom's participation and evangelizing VRML at conferences; he now holds a two-year term on the VRML Consortium's Board of Directors. Sasha Becker organized a VRML Widgets Working Group to bring together the research community with the VRML industry. Finally, several current and former graphics group students have held summer internships at leading VRML companies.

User Interfaces for Virtual Reality

The Flow Project:

We developed 3D user interfaces for use in virtual environments, in particular, interfaces for scientific visualization applications such as NASA's Virtual Windtunnel.


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