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Arrows and Bullseye picture Room picture
Arrows and Bullseye picture.
A room drawn using Sketch.

Project Overview

Sketching is often a great way to communicate ideas with the implicit knowledge that the idea is in the formative stages. It has many advantages. Speed is high because one is using approximate visual images with simple tools (pencil and paper). There is no need for precision or specialized knowledge and, in fact, precision can confuse a viewer into thinking that an idea is more complete and immutable than it actually is. Also included is the ease of low-level correction and revision. Most 3D computer modeling systems are good at generating arbitrary views of precise 3D models and support high-level editing and revision. The SKETCH application attempts to combine the advantages of both hand-drawn-representation and precise computer modeling in order to create an environment for rapidly conceptualizing and editing approximate 3D scenes. To achieve this, SKETCH uses simple non-photorealistic rendering and a purely gestural interface that is based on simplified line drawings of primitives and allows all operations to be specified within the 3D world.


Bob Zeleznik
Andy Forsberg
Loring Holden

Online Resources

Java Sketch - a simple version of Sketch in Java, by Adam Doppelt
Beautiful Science transcript - English translation by Saori Taichi of a Japanese TV segment about Sketch
Beautiful Science excerpt- 400k animated gif


SKETCH: An interface for sketching 3D scenes, by R. C. Zeleznik, K. Herndon, and J. F. Hughes. Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '96.

Two pointer input for 3D interaction. by R.C. Zeleznik, A.S. Forsberg, and P.S. Strauss. Proceedings of 1997 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics (Providence, Rhode Island, April 27-30, 1997).

Seamless Interaction in Virtual Reality. (note: link requires IEEE membership) by A.S. Forsberg, J.J. LaViola, Jr., L.E. Markosian, and R.C. Zeleznik. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 17, No. 6, Nov/Dev, '97

ErgoDesk: A Framework for Two- and Three-Dimensional Interaction at the ActiveDesk. by A.S. Forsberg, J.J. LaViola, and R.C. Zeleznik, Proceedings of the Second International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop, Ames, Iowa, May 11-12, 1998.

"Sketch-N-Make: Automated Machining of CAD Sketches", by M. Bloomenthal, R.C. Zeleznik, R. Fish, L.S. Holden, A.S. Forsberg, R. Riesenfeld, M. Cutts, S. Drake, H. Fuchs, and E. Cohen, to appear in Proceedings of the 1998 ASME 8th Computers In Engineering Conference, 1998.

Project Development

Sketch information - current projects, open projects, etc. (internal only link)


Bob Zeleznik

Website Context

This page is maintained for historical reasons and reflects work done prior to 1999.
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