Exploring the brain connectivity with 2D neural maps

Radu Jianu, Çağatay Demiralp, and David H. Laidlaw

We introduce two-dimensional neural maps for exploring connectivity in the brain. For this, we create standard stream-tube models from DTI brain data sets along with neural paths hierarchically projected into the plane. The result are planar brain-maps that have the desirable properties of low-dimensional representations such as visual clarity and ease of TOI selection while preserving the anatomical familiarity of 3D brain models and planar sectional views. We also provide a web interface by integrating our representation into a geographical digital maps framework. We compare our method to a recently proposed two-dimensional point representation with help of experts. Expert feedback indicate that our new representation is more intuitive, easier to use and learn. Also, the web interface provided with a digital map like interaction is commented to be useful for collaboration as well as quick exploration of data.

Try our Google Maps web interface yourself (Saggital,Coronal,Axial) or view a demo video below


Try our interactive application or view a demo video below


[Web Interface Video]


[Interactive Application Video]