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CavePainting is an artistic medium that uses a 3D analog of 2D brush strokes to create 3D works of art in an immersive virtual reality Cave environment. Like charcoal lines or paint strokes, these 3-dimensional marks are a fluid, highly flexible visual language that is brought to life by an interface responsive to the artist. The virtual reality interface is composed completely of physical props and gestures.

Creating in CavePainting is a new way of working and thinking. While a painter often steps back from his work or a sculptor steps around his work or even holds it in his hand, a CavePainter stands up and walks through his work, grabs and rotates it in his hand, shrinks or enlarges it on a whim, and finally manipulates color variations and stroke size, shape, and placement to create a visual representation for complex forms. Many of these operations have no counterpart in the physical world, thus they allow interactions and make possible the creation of a form that would otherwise not exist. For example, paint strokes would not be able to float or co-inhabit the same volume in the physical world.

Artists are excited about this new form of art and the full-body experience of creating it. CavePainting inspires playfullness, exploration, and creativity. While creating with the system, artists fill the Cave with their movements, dancing and painting to music or lying down on the floor and painting while looking up at the projection surfaces are common activities. CavePainting and Drawing on Air movies:

Pulbications related to CavePainting can be found on the Visualization Research Lab's CavePainting page.

More information on CavePainting, Drawing on Air, and new developments in Artistic Free-Form 3D Modeling can be found at Daniel Keefe's lab at the Univ. of Minnesota.


Daniel Keefe
Daniel Acevedo
Tomer Moscovich
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