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The Music Notepad

Perspective Wall of Music
Perspective Wall of Music

Project Overview

The Music Notepad is a system for entering common music notation based on 2D gestural input. The key feature of the system is the look-and-feel of the interface which approximates sketching music with paper and pencil. A probability-based interpreter integrates sequences of gestural input to perform the most common notation and editing operations. The paper presented at UIST '98 described the user's model of the system, the components of the high-level recognition system, and a discussion of the evolution of the system including user feedback.

Music Notepad for Tablet PC

We were funded to rewrite the Music Notepad for the Tablet PC. Source code now available!


Andrew Forsberg


Forsberg, Andrew, Mark Dieterich, and Robert Zeleznik. "The Music Notepad", Proceedings of UIST '98, ACM SIGGRAPH.


Andrew Forsberg
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