Exploratories   Radiosity Shooting vs Gathering


This applet shows students the graphic difference between two radiosity algorithms: shooting and gathering. The algorithms are animated for each iteration of the algorithms and the resulting visualization of a discretized scene and of its form factor matrix can be viewed as the animation progresses.


This applet was developed for use in an undergraduate computer graphics programming course. The applet is appropriate for computer science students studying graphics or for any graphics programmer.


Select an algorithm to animate. Select a shading method (flat or Gouraud). If the shooting algorithm was selected, then choose to visualize either the total radiosity of a patch or the unshot radiosity of a patch. Choose a mesh density (values above 3 can be slow on some machines). Press the ">" button to begin the animation. The animation can be paused by pressing the "||" button. You can also go through the animation frame by frame by using the ">>" button. To reset the animation press the "|<<" button. If just the solution visualization is desired, uncheck the animate checkbox and then click the show solution button.

The camera can be moved by clicking the right mouse button and dragging. If you click near the center of the scene you can zoom in and if you click near the edge of the scene you can rotate the camera about the scene.