Exploratories   Parallel Camera Parameters


The Parallel Camera Parameters applet aims to familiarize students with the various parameter associated with a synthetic, parallel-projection camera. Users can adjust any of the following parameters: field-of-view width, field-of-view height, near clipping plane distance, far clipping plane distance, up vector, and look vector. The viewing frustum is visualized in a window, allowing students to understand how the parameters relate to the shape of the viewing frustum.


Anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how the parameters of a simple, parallel-projection, synthetic camera affect the viewing volume belonging to that camera.


Manipulate the different camera parameters by manipulating the sliders and vector views, or enter numerical values via the numerical entry fields. Observe how the viewing volume seen in the main window is affected by the parameter changes. In the 3-dimensional scenes, use your right mouse button to manipulate the viewing position. Clicking along the edges of the viewing area initiates rotation, while clicking in the center of the viewing area initiates a zooming action.