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Designing interactive content for a university-level course can be very difficult and time-consuming; even maintaining a course website can be a chore. Leverage our free software to make your life easier. Integrate our Java applets into your lectures or build your own using our collection of components. Browse our Complete Catalog to see what's available.

Java Applets

Use our free Java applets to explore different concepts in a number of subjects. Overview pages describe each applet in detail and provide links to related materials elsewhere on our site. Browse the Applet Catalog or browse one of the subject-specific catalogs list below:

Color Theory
These applets demonstrate concepts in color theory, a domain that's important but often overlooked in 3D computer graphics education.
Viewing Techniques
These applets explain the inner workings of the various techniques used to view a synthetic 3D scene
Signal Processing
These applets explain various signal processing concepts and techniques including convolution and image filtering and scaling.
Texture Mapping
These applets show the student how various standard methods of texture mapping work for use in raytracing algorithms.
These applets illustrate the basic concepts behind scenegraph data structures which offer a high-level vocabulary with which to describe 3D scenes.
Linear Algebra
These applets introduce students to fundamentals of linear algebra
Lighting and Shading
These applets illustrate important fundamental concepts in lighting and shading for 3D computer graphics.

Java Component Repository

Our applets don't fit the bill? Avoid reinventing the wheel; reuse our Java components to build your own interactive content and hit the ground running. Browse our Component Catalog to see which ones might best fit your needs.


We'd love to hear how you use our products. Feel free to send us accounts of how you've used our applets or components and how they worked for you.