Exploratories   Color Theory
Additive Color Mixing
This applet allows the user to paint on a canvas that mixes colors additively. Various parameters can be manipulated and some preset images can be loaded and also painted on.

Combined Color Mixing
This applet helps the user combine concepts in additive and subtractive color mixing through a scenario that includes lights, paints and filters. Users can directly observe how various colored lights, paints, and filters contribute additively as well as subtractively to produce a single color to be viewed by the applet's virtual eye.

This applet lets users experiment with metamers: different spectral distributions that are perceived as identical colors.

This applet explains the interaction between a surface's reflectance function and the spectral distribution of light illuminating it.

RGB Insufficiency
Given a spectral distribution and material reflectance, this applet shows how the RGB values of the product spectrum can differ depending on how these are calculated.

Single Cell Response
Given a frequency response curve, this applet examines the frequency response and total response generated from an arbitrary, user-specified input signal.

Triple Cell Response
Given three different response curves, this applet examines the resulting frequency responses and total responses given an arbitrary, user-specified input signal.

Two Materials
This applet examines what happens when two different surfaces are illuminated by a single light.