Brown Computer Graphics Group

The Graphics Group Supports seven main Outreach Projects

Graphics Lab Tours: We conduct tours throughout the year for industrial and educational parties interested in the state of the art in graphics research. We demonstrate graphics software and hardware, and give the inside view of this industry at the cutting edge of both scientific practice, and entertainment.

Exploratory: An exploratory is a computer-based combination of an exploratorium and a laboratory--a new way of teaching and learning using two- and three-dimensional, explorable worlds in which objects have behaviors and users can interact with models of concepts and phenomena. Exploratories leverage the joint forces of computer graphics and interaction to provide efficient, powerful learning experiences that would be impractical, if not impossible, to attain with traditional means.

Memex and Beyond: The Memex and Beyond web site is a major research, educational, and collaborative web site integrating the historical record of and current research in hypermedia. The name honors the 1945 publication of Vannevar Bush's article "As We May Think" in which he proposed a hypertext engine called the Memex.

The Greenhouse: A materials development effort that evolved from The Summer Workshop in Computer Graphics and 3D Geometric Modeling. The Greenhouse offers lesson plans, exercises/activities, and interactive software from a range of disciplines including computer science, math, biology, physics, industrial technology, and art and design.

The Artemis Project The Artemis Project is a five-week summer leadership program designed by undergraduates for inner-city public school girls about to enter the ninth grade (a time when many girls lose interest in science). The Artemis goals are to enhance self-confidence, introduce participants to a university setting, and build leadership skills through hands-on experience with computers and discussion of important issues relevant to the lives of women and girls.

The Bridge Course This summer program welcomes incoming first-year minority students into computer science. The course provides a supportive environment and teaches skills that increase the likelihood of the students taking and enjoying introductory computer science courses. Students meet and hear lectures from faculty and students. The program is designed to convey the excitement of several areas of computer science, and to show how basic knowledge in computer science can be applied to a wide range of other endeavors in academia and industry.

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