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"As We May Think"

- A Celebration of Vannevar Bush's 1945 Vision

An Examination of What Has Been Accomplished & What Remains To Be Done

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Vannevar Bush's landmark paper, "As We May Think," published first in the Atlantic Monthly and subsequently in Life magazine. In honor of Dr. Bush's vision there will be a research symposium held at MIT, his academic home, on October 12 & 13, 1995.

Our outstanding collection of speakers will discuss how they were influenced in their own work by Bush's vision and its technical legacy, what parts of the vision were realized and how, and what outstanding problems remain to be solved before the vision can be fully realized. Our program, which we plan to broadcast on the Internet via Mbone, is as follows:

Thursday, October 12

 9:00 a.m.		Opening Remarks
10:00 			Douglas Engelbart
11:00			Coffee Break
11:30 			Theodor Nelson
12:30 p.m.		Lunch
 1:30 			Robert Kahn
 2:30 			Tim Berners-Lee
 3:30 			Coffee Break
 4:00			Michael Lesk
 5:00		 	Discussion
 6:00			Reception			
	Banquet and After Dinner Speech by Douglas Adams

Friday, October 13

 9:00 a.m.		Nicholas Negroponte
10:00 			Raj Reddy
11:00 			Coffee Break
11:30 			Lee Sproull
12:30 p.m.		Lunch 
 2:00			Alan Kay
 3:00 			Closing Remarks

You may find the following two references of interest: "From Memex to Hypertext: Vannevar Bush and the Mind's Machine" (James M. Nyce, Paul Kahn, Academic Press, 1991) includes reference text for both the Life and Atlantic Monthly versions of "As We May Think", as well as the last manuscript draft of "Memex II", dated Aug. 1957. An HTML text of the Atlantic Monthly version is also available, reproduced with permission per D. Duchier, and can be found at

Please see Dr. Paul Penfield's page for this event at:

We have also assembled a timeline of Dr. Bush's life and accomplishments.
For MBone information and annoucements please look at

Andries van Dam, Program Chair		Paul Penfield, Jr., MIT Host
Brown University 			Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Department of Computer Science		Department of Electrical Engineering			and Computer Science

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