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The Brown Mesh Set

Download bms-1.tar.gz (126,585,617 bytes, 1,139 models, decompress with "tar -xf bms-1.tar.gz")

Download bms-1.zip (125,267,351 bytes, 1,139 models, decompress with "unzip bms-1.zip")

The Brown Mesh Set is a library of 3D models downloaded from the internet. It is useful for testing the robustness of graphics algorithms and making generalizations about the models used in practice. The models are raw meshes with no animation or texture data that are stored in an easy-to-use indexed face set format (IFS). This binary file format is described in a text file included with the mesh set. Source code for loading and rendering IFS files is included in the G3D library.

The models include those traditionally used in SIGGRAPH papers, Quake MD2 models, geometric primitives, military vehicles, toys, and every-day objects. Scientific data sets and natural objects (e.g. trees) are present but poorly represented. All of the files in the data set are freely available on the internet, although the original mesh authors may not have granted permission for their models to be used in commercial products.

If you use the mesh set in your research, please acknowledge Morgan McGuire and Nick Musurca of Brown University for creating the data set and cite Observations on Silhouette Sizes, the first paper in which it appeared:

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For more models, see the Princeton Shape Benchmark, a repository of 3D models and software tools for evaluating shape-based retrieval and analysis algorithms.

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