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NPAR 2006; 2006 Tech Report; SIGGRAPH 2004 Poster Session
Real-time Simulation and Stylized Rendering of Smoke

Morgan McGuire, Andi Fein, and Colin Hartnett

NPAR 2006 Rendering: [PDF | zipped PPT]
Simulation Tech Report 2005: [PDF]
SIGGRAPH 2004: [Abstract PDF | Poster PDF]
[30 MB AVI Movie] (2006 with self-shadowing)
[33 MB MOV Movie] (2004 no shadows)

We describe a cartoon animation system for amorphous objects. It is well-suited to applications where interactive performance and expressive power are preferred to realism; for example, video games and rapid development of animation.

The system contains a simulator and a renderer that operate directly on a particle representation. The simulator generates animations that exhibit the phenomenology of real smoke and compressible fluids but have artistically controllable parameters. The renderer draws these animations in a cartoon style with outlines and cel-shading.

For efficient self-shadowing effects, we introduce nailboard shadow volumes that create complex shadows from few polygons. In total, the renderer draws only three polygons per particle and entirely avoids the latency of depth buffer readback. Combined with the fast simulator this produces real-time interactive smoke animations.

Some images from this project

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