The Brown University GVI (Graphics, Visualization, and Interaction) Group - formerly known as the Brown Graphics Group - comprises four faculty with shared interests in various aspects of computer graphics, visualization, and interaction. It is the longest continually-running such research group, having started in the mid-1960s.

Research Areas

GVI pursues a broad range of research areas, currently including scientific visualization and modeling, pen and touch computing, and the application of machine learning to computational photography. These research areas build upon past work in gestural interfaces and tablet PCs, games technology, educational technology, art-based modeling and rendering, haptic interfaces, and tele-immersion.


GVI maintains a shared lab in the CIT (The Watson Center for Information Technology), the CS department's building, that includes multiple workstations with 32" monitors, a Microsoft Surface® interactive touch and display table, a 60" large format Mitsubishi display, a SMART Board ™ interactive whiteboard, a Wheatstone stereo display, and a Sharp 60" touch- and marker-enabled whiteboard display.

GVI also has a strong interest in a state-of-the-art immersive virtual reality Cave being designed in 2011 that is a successor to the previous Cave which was opened in 1997; David Laidlaw is PI and Andy van Dam is one of the co-PIs. The new Cave will continue long-term research interests in both scientific visualization and interaction research in immersive 3D environments. It will be a cylinder plus floor 14' in diameter and 12-13' tall, and will include ~70 projectors @ 2Mpix, each with head-tracked stereo.

Student Involvement

Since its founding in the 1960s, the group has featured seamless collaboration with students at all levels of education from beginning undergraduates through post-docs. Undergraduates not only have the experience of working on research projects with graduate students and faculty, they also participate as authors of published papers, give poster sessions at conferences, and have also presented papers at conferences.

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